The goal of this project is to build a wallpaper mobile application to let photographers share their best shots as wallpapers for smartphones and tablet.
To achieve this result i had to develop 3 different systems:
1) A Website
2) A Proxy Server
3) The Mobile Application
--- 1 ---
A Website to allow photographers register, upload and manage their wallpapers.
This website is developed with Laravel and is running on a Google App Engine instance working with Cloud Storage and Cloud SQL 
--- 2 ---
A NodeJs proxy sever to sign the mobile application requests with a secret key to use the API provided by the website
This runs also on a Google App Engine instance
--- 3 ---
The Android mobile application itself that allow users get the wallpapers available on the website
This application is built in Java and is compatible with devices, Smartphones and Tablets, with an Android versione latest than 4.4 KitKat
This is my personal biggest project and i made by myself everything you can see, from the graphic design (Logo, ADS images, App design) to the development of the systems (Website, Proxy, Application)
By 05/01/2020 the application is no more available due to the high costs required to maintain the backend services online 

The application reached more than 500 downloads from all over the world and had 5 stars as mean review
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